Screen Recorder - 11.1.10 中文绿色特别版 (屏幕视频、GIF动画录制软件)

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ZD Soft Screen Recorder,优秀的录像软件,支持录制电脑屏幕(摄像头、桌面全屏、指定区域、窗口等)、在线视频、电脑游戏、摄像头供演示或讲解之用、音频录入、实时同步音频LAME 编码,支持输出四种格式,包括常规的视频AVI/WMV,允许创建集成播放机的EXE格式录像,以及独家专有的SRV格式.


v11.1.10 (2018-03-23) :
Fixed a bug that the last few video frames of an MP4 recording might be missing sometimes.
Fixed a bug that the video cutting feature might not work on some locale language systems.

v11.1.9 (2018-02-07) :
No black screen in full webcam view mode if no webcam is active.
Fixed a bug that might slow down the startup of the program.

v11.1.8 (2018-01-29):
Fixed a bug that the “Auto Run on Windows Start” option cannot be enabled in previous version.
Fixed a bug that the program settings changes cannot be saved when system shuts down or restarts.

v11.1.7 (2018-01-28):
Enhanced screenshot feature supports logo and cursor.
Added an option “Stealth Mode” to the “Advanced Options” sub-menu.
Not prompting user the “TTS Narration Script” feature at startup any more.
Fixed a bug that recording might not be saved properly when system shuts down or restarts.

2018-01-11 v11.1.6
*Fixed a bug that recording might crash on some Windows 10 systems with 4K screens.

2017-11-01 v11.1.1
* Improved the audio recording capability for some audio drivers don’t fully support system audio engine format.
* Fixed a bug that the webcam preview button cannot be re-activated if a webcam fails to preview.


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