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Bandicam,游戏录制神器,视频录制利器,高清频录制专家,号称世界三大视频录制神器之一!Bandicam是一款由韩国开发的高清游戏及视频录制的电脑工具。它录制的视频文件不仅体积小,而且画质相当清晰,支持H.264预制高清,以较高的压缩率可录制超过分辨率高达2560×1600高画质视频(1080p全高清视频),录制的同时还可以添加个性化 LOGO到视频中,Bandicam支持bmp、png 、jpeg等格式截图。


04/19/2018 v4.1.3
- Added support for line drawing in drawing mode.
- Added support for drawing a straight/horizontal/diagonal line and square with the Shift key.
- Added a button to install and run Bandicut.
- Improved AMD APP H.264 codec recognition of AMD Radeon Pro series.
- The default audio codec of AVI has been changed from MP2 to MP3.
Bugs fixed
- The “Always on top option” on the rectangle window didn’t work if the “Add webcam overlay” option was checked.
- Sequence number in drawing mode didn’t work properly when undo/redo was executed.
- Sequence number in drawing mode didn’t work properly when undo/redo was executed.
B- andicam stopped working when changing the video resolution under certain circumstances.
- Failed to initialize the NVENC H.264 lossless encoder while using the CBR option under certain circumstances.
- Bandicam stopped working when the video resolution of the Around Mouse recording mode was larger than the monitor resolution.
- Other minor bugs fixed.

- Bandicam now provides a profile for the NVENC H.264 codec.
- Bandicam now supports the lossless video encoding of the NVENC H.264 codec (Lossless H264, High 4:4:4 profile).
- Added the ‘bdcam_safemode’ shortcut to start Bandicam in Safe Mode.
- Added an option to flip the screen horizontally/vertically in the webcam overlay menu.
- Added an option to flip the screen horizontally/vertically in Device Recording Mode.
- Improved the recording performance of the H.264 (CPU) codec.
- Bandicam version and encoder type information will be added to the recorded video.
Bugs fixed
* Bandicam crashed when the record hotkey was pressed if the recording mode was not selected.
* Failed to initialize video capture device under certain conditions.
* The Non-Admin mode of Bandicam (bdcam_nonadmin.exe) didn’t work on some computers.
* Other minor bugs fixed.

- The .mp3 codec is available with an .AVI container.
- Added an option, “Play mouse click sounds while recording”.
- Added an option, “Play sound effects when started or stopped”.
- Bugs fixed
* The webcam preview showed a black screen while recording in some games (Rage, etc.).
* The HDYC colorspace input couldn’t record in Device Recording Mode.
* A memory leak occurred when hooking DirectX 11 games/applications in Game Recording Mode.
* Bandicam stopped working when changing the display settings (resolution, main monitor) in ‘Screen Recording Mode.
* Other minor bugs fixed.

* The webcam preview function is now available in Screen Recording Mode.
* The webcam preview function is now available in Device Recording Mode.
* Added support for resizing the mouse cursor, the mouse click effect and the mouse highlight * effect.
Added support for the preview of the mouse effect settings.
- Bugs fixed
* The recorded video was garbled when the ‘Prefer RGB colorspace’ option was used for the External codec.
* The ‘Run Bandicam on Windows startup’ option didn’t work in Non-Admin mode of Bandicam (bdcam_nonadmin.exe).
* Other minor bugs fixed.

* Bandicam is now able to add a logo to the captured images.
* Bandicam is now able to set the quality of JPEGs.
* Improved the webcam preview UI in the webcam overlay menu.
* Added support for the “HDYC colorspace” in Device Recording Mode.
- Bugs fixed
* Bandicam did not terminate automatically while Windows was shutting down after the Windows 10 Fall Creators update.
* Other minor bugs fixed.

Added the Facebook upload function. (How to upload a video to Facebook.)
Fullscreen mode: Added the pin icon to show/hide the recording control bar.
Fullscreen mode: Added the opacity adjustment function.
Fullscreen mode: Bandicam now shows the display number in the recording information status line.
Added the Khmer(Cambodian) language file by touch sovannara.
Bugs fixed
The taskbar was not recorded when using the around mouse screen recording mode.
Other minor bugs fixed.

v4.0.0 (2017-08-23):
Applied new UI design for Bandicam 4.0.
Added support for the “new Fullscreen” recording mode.
Added support for the “Around Mouse” recording mode.
Added the ‘bdcam_nonadmin.exe’ file which allows non-admin users (standard users) to use Bandicam without administrator privileges.
Added support for text input in the drawing function.
Added the “Get Started” menu for beginners.
Added the Belarusian, Burmese language files.
The mouse cursor/effect settings status is displayed on the main window.
The microphone settings status is displayed on the main window.
Improved the switching speed to Game Recording Mode.
The maximum length of the format/size preset name is limited to 100 characters.
The DPI scaling of the rectangle window and device recording window is adjusted automatically according to the Bandicam main window.
Bugs fixed
The bdcam64.bin process remained after crashing.
The record button was not active after the Auto Complete Recording function was used.
A file dragging bug of the video/image file list has been fixed.
Other minor bugs fixed.

v3.4.4 (2017-07-17):
Improved the hooking stability of DirectX 12 games (Tom Clancy’s The Division).
Bugs fixed
Failed to start recording or take a screenshot on some computers.
Other minor bugs fixed.

Improved AMD APP H.264 codec recognition of AMD RX 460/470/480.
Bugs fixed
The YouTube upload function didn’t work properly on some computers.
Other minor bugs fixed.

v3.4.2 05/26/2017
Bugs fixed
The webcam preview was upside down in Game Recording Mode with some webcam devices.
Other minor bugs fixed.

v3.4.1 05/25/2017
Improved the stability of the Intel Quick Sync Video encoder.
Improved the recording performance of the webcam overlay.
Bandicam is now able to save a webcam overlay video in 60FPS (while saving the webcam overlay video as a separate file).
The default recording time for Auto Complete Recording has changed from 10 minutes to 60 minutes.
The default rectangle size for screen recording has changed from 640×480 to 1280×720.
Bugs fixed
Failed to use the webcam recording function while ESET AntiVirus was running.
The input format of a specific webcam device wasn’t applied to the webcam overlay function.
The Drawing mode menu was disabled while not recording.
Other minor bugs fixed.


by KpoJIuK(v3.x/4.x)、KloneB@DGuY(v2.3),两位便携化作者都是老毛子!

# 便携启动器内已集成授权信息,自动屏蔽联网验证授权,启动即为已授权版!
# 预优化默认不显示启动图,支持保存录像文件为自定义位置,删除多国语言;

FirewallBlock=0 (防火墙端口联网,默认每次启动不屏蔽端口,改为1屏蔽)
HostsBlock=1    (屏蔽联网验证授权,默认每次启动都屏蔽,改为0不屏蔽)
SplashScreen=1 (启动图,默认每次启动都显示,改为0即每次启动不显示)




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